purchase order error while creating the packing slip

Hi All

when i am generarting the packing slip system given the error:

4.00 cannot be picked because only 4.00 is/are available from the inventory.

Can u explain me why it is showing like this as we have the sufficient inventory.


You are picking against a purchase order? Can you possibly provide a better explanation?

The message is incorrect, and I have never seen it given in an equal state. Is this in the demo database or a customer specific one with modifications?

There are stock model group settings and dimension group settings that impact on this, so you need to tell us how these are set against the item and how you are processing.

I Am sorry actually, it is a “return order” type purchase order.

am already face the same problem 2 days back but on sales order packing slip,but the error is can not pick up because o items is available,in items onhand form is shows - qty, byr some of items its post but some of items its not posted…i asked one fuctional consultant he told me there is a setup for inventoy model group & dimentions group…so iam not aware of those things…if any know this plzz help me toooooooo

Then you no longer have the 4 to return. You have used/sold them at the dimensions defined so cannot return them. Look at the on hand for the same dimensions defined, they are not there!

Actually i have one site and three wh:




I am returning from the W3, here W1,W2 quantity is been used from W3 not yet transfer (case of Production) and also i am not transfering.

And what is the inventory status of the 6.02? You have to actually have teh quantity available to pick, that is the bottom line.

Inventory Status mean, from where i can check the inventory status


Hit the stock button and transactions. It is a field on teh line of the transaction.

In ItemTransaction form there is a field receipt & issue…every time the transactions placed on that item the status is changed…this status is called Inventory Status…