Session Handling in Enterprise Portal

Dear All, In EP, when Session expires after 20 mins, instead of gracefully exiting it directly throws the Stack Error. Do we have to handle the same by code or is there a fix available? Thanks and Regards, Dilip

Hi Dilip, there sure must be a fix, because if you look at , which is EP base application, if you time out , it simply takes you to the login script. Plaese post more comment when you find it. Thanks, Vlad.

This problem is fixed in SP3. It takes to the login page, when a session timeout occurs. Thanks and Regards, Dilip

Hi Dilip, I have tested that in SP1, and it worked fine… Which version did you experience this issue in? BR, Vlad.

Hi Vlad, Recently our company bought EP license and SP3…I earlier tested EP on (demo version) and I think maybe the problem might be in demo version… Thanks and Regards, Dilip