Request Handler Error

Client had 2009 now moved to SP1. But after installing SP1 whenever we are closing the NAV it gives message you do not have permission to run codeunit EP Request handler.

I went to this codeunit found one record type variable EP Appln Setup , found a record there surprising because my client has nothing to do with Employee portal. But i though clearing this record will get me rid of this message but no avail. Has anybody faced this issue ?

This has nothing to do if you have a record in the EP Appln Setup table or not.


Are you running SQL Server or Native Server ?
If running on SQL did you synchronize Logins ?

Did you also upgrade the roles if there are new objects which have been introduced in SP1?

Does the same error occur when running with SUPER user ?

  1. Running SQL Server.

  2. Yes logins were synchronized.

  3. Yeah new roles were updated.

  4. Yeah it happened even with role Super.

I am facing the same issue on my 2009 SP1 test system.

Did you find a solution?

Thank you

Hi there,

are you saying that this error message appears when any user tries to logout or exit NAV?

Sounds like it could be running through some erroneous code in the close company in Codeunit 1. I’ll jump to a machine with SP1 installed and take a look.

OK - had a quick look and the CompanyClose() trigger has a EmployeePortalApplSrv.StopQueue; function call. I’m guessing there should be some code in there that does not try to run that if you don’t have the EP granual. A quick fix would be to comment that line of code.

Anyone know the proper way of avoiding this based upon the license of the current session?




I just tested the Cronus license and the problem went away.

It looks like there is a problem with my BRL BE license.

Wow, this will be the third time Micrososft has to correct my license. I am wondering if the license are hand written on a case by case basis?



Hi Stephan,

the Employee Portal granule is “A La Carte” in the price list meaning, it is not included in BRL BE unless it is separately ordered. Of course you could have ordered this and it just got missed off by the licensing people. But I’m wondering - is there still a problem in the code. You shouldn’t be getting error messages by trying to logout just because you don’t have a granule.

I woul think that there should be some kind of permissions check in there before trying to run the codeunit.

Please update the post when you find out to let us know whether it is after all a licensing issue.



It turns out, my BE license needed to be updated for SP1.

All okay now [:D]

I apologize , I didn’t update when my Issue got resolved. It was an licensing Issue.