Service company

If I am a service company and selling service ( such as maintenance / service computer. printer, etc ) to run my company That’s mean, every single Commercial Invoice that will being created must be no item number but must added my sales book ( that’s mean the value of the transaction must be added in my sales book ) How I manage that kind of trasaction in Navision Financial ? Should I manage that kind of transaction in the Resources module or just like others, in the Sales & Receivable module ( which one better for me ) ? And what the effect ( to the GL ) or what step that I must do to manage that kind of transaction if I choose that I must input in the Resourced module …and if I choose that I must input in the Sales and Receivable module ? Thanks for the help Best Regards, Agatha

Hi, You can use Resources or post directly to G/L. If you will use Resources you will be able to report your sale by Service object (resource). Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Hi Agatha, If you plan to use resources in Navision the following points need to be noted: 1.A resource of a company is already paid or will be paid G/L expense (for Example employee salary) 2.The resource(each employee) shall be used on the service job and you can track the actual hours spent by a resource(employee) on different service Jobs. 3.You can sell the resources used on The service jobs individually by actual hours spent. OR You can treat the Expenses of using the resources as period costs and the revenue generated by those resources be also as period revenue.In this way you will not need the resource module but just the use of G/L accounts in the Purchase documents and Sales documents should do the work. Regards Kartikeya Pasumarti Datahelp Inc 520 290 8870