Items Type

Hello, I want to ask about item types…I am new in Nav…as I know in GP there are 2 types of items…

1-Service Item: No COGS Account, No Inventory Account

2-Inventory Item: COGS Account, Inventory Account.

I want to know ,in Nav, where i find Service Item without using “Service” Module??

And if it’s not available how to post sales invoice without COGS and Inventory Account?

For Service item you can create & use G/L Account and post the invoice directly without affecting COGS & Inventory.

Ty Amol for the reply,

Can u describe to me how to do that?

You have to create G/L Account regarding your service and then you have direcly pass entry using that G/L Account

As well as you can use dimensions for difference services and attach to one single G/L Account so don’t need to create difference service account for every service

Hi Oussame,

As Amol writes using G/L Account is possible and a very easy way to do it, as your users simply select a designated G/L account and then writes the text. But that would require you to allow you users access to the see G/L accounts, which many companies don’t want. Also you would get no statistics on qty. sold or have no predefined standard prices.

But if you want functionality similar to the service items in GP, then you might want to consider using the Resources in NAV. A Resource is normally a named either person or machine, but can really be any service you’re selling. And you can setup prices for different services and get statistics. So if you want to use the “service items” on your sales orders/invoices, then this might be a better option than using G/L Accounts.

The disadvantages of the resources is that you can not use them on Purchase Orders/Invoices, only on Sales Orders/Invoices.