I have a problem about services. The thing is that in Navision there’s warehouse module and that’s for selling the goods. But what if a company doesn’t sell goods but only services. What in that case? Could you enter information about a service in an article card? But what about negative inventory that comes up in that case?

There are I think two ways to manage services: 1. You can use directly a G/L Account, but in this way you have not a price list 2. You can manage them using Jobs. I think this is the best way Bye Marco

You can also use the Service Management Granule, I guess

Hmm, we use items, but the stock side of things is a pain in the backside. In our case we have thousands of item codes for different support contracts we offer, all with different prices contained in the system, so G/L codes were no good to us. We journal these items in before selling them so the stock issue is resolved and have done some modifications to make this process easier, but it is not ideal. Ideallly Navision needs an item type that does not track physical quantities for this sort of stuff. Meint

Resources would be the easiest way to manage a service company (they can be sold, prices can be defined, resource sales are posted to G/L, etc.). And perhaps Jobs would also be of use, depending on the specific needs. But I believe you should talk - in person - to someone who already knows Navision. From your question, and whether you are a customer or vendor (be it present or future) of the system, one can very easily guess that the knowledge you now seem to lack about Navision will not be gained in this forum (no matter how useful a resource it is - no pun intended [;)] ). [edit] I see there was already a reply pointing you in the same direction:

Maybe… it is an option to use the navision service module?[:D]