sequence number alraedy exist in journal ledger

have you made changes on the form?

give us more details for a better understanding…

ok we have Microsoft AX in my company . the financial guy yesterday was trying to make new record in ledger journal but he got this error

the record already exist. I think this related to sequence number but I don’t no step by step solution


if there are no customizes did related to this issue,then syncronize the table LedgerJournalTable.and let us know the outcome

Hi Abdul,

This might be the problem of Number Sequence of Journal Batch Number.

Just check in Number Sequence form in General Ledger Parameters.

Check for Number Sequence code of Journal Batch Number. You can clean it or check the status list.

You can compare with the next number in the number sequence and the status list form.


Rahul Dhandha

thanks . … as Rahul say I clean Number sequence code and its solved ok