Number Sequence Error Getting While Posting any kind of Transaction

Hi Daxers

I’m getting Number sequence error(Cannot create a record in Ledger journal table (LedgerJournalTable). Name: BOT_EEFC_R, BOT EEFC Receipts. The record already exists.) While Posting any kind of Transaction.(Vendor Invoice Recording, General Journal, or Production Order etc etc) Can anyone tell me the solution to solve this Error.

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Paramesh M

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It doesn’t have to be about number sequence; it may be about any unique index. If you already analyzed tit and identified a problem with a number sequence, you forgot to explain the problem here.

Some null record in LedgerJournalTable. Just try to delete it if its test environment and then check the same.

Production order - it has nothing to do with the ledgerJournalTable? SO what error do you get exactly while posting these different transactions?