Number Sequence Error in All Module Transactions(AP,AR,GL,Production)

Hi Daxers

I’m getting Number sequence error(Cannot create a record in Ledger journal table (LedgerJournalTable). Name: BOT_EEFC_R, BOT EEFC Receipts. The record already exists.) While Posting any kind of Transaction.(Vendor Invoice Recording, General Journal, or Production Order etc etc). System Picking already existed numbers automatically. I’ve tried in all the ways to solve this error but still i don’t find any solution. Please Give me a solution. Same Error is Coming in all Journals and All Module Transactions. I’m not able to post the Transaction due to this error… For More Information I’ve attached Screen shot of the Error.###

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Paramesh M

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So BOT_EEFC_R is the journal? This should have a unique number driven from the number sequence. Check the number sequences assigned to the journal and the number it is getting - you cannot post a journal number of the same number twice.

Hi AdamRoute

Yeah BOT_EEFC_R is the Journal Name. Its having Unique Number sequence. Its was worked Fine Previously. Suddenly System is Picking From starting Number sequence which is already having Posted transactions. I was verified the Number sequence also, there everything is fine. Even though same error is Coming while doing the transactions.