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In a simple buying/selling transaction, on the sales order screen, what’s the easiest way of telling if there’s already a purchase order open for a line, and for how much of the item that purchase order is covering?



Can you be more clear please…

I have a sales order, and for each line, I want to know if I’ve already made a purchase order which covers the sale of that line.

How can I easily tell without going to the purchase orders or the item cards?

You can reserve the line against purchase order…


you will see availalbe inventory and purchase lines and production lines if it is production item…etc…

There is concept of Special Order you can find it in Sales order where you can select purchase order.

As well as you can apply the purchase entry in sales line using apply to entry.

Hi Nigel, your question is very clear, and this is a very common request. There are many ways to solve this, depending on your exact needs, but the solution I normally do is this:

Take a look at the item card, and you will see a field “Qty On Purchase Order”, now imagine that this field existed right on the Sales order line when you create a sales order.

Well, the “code” to create this field (a flow field) can be copied to the Sales Line Table (37) and some code added to the form to update this value when you enter an item no on the sales line, thus as soon as you enter the item number, you will see on the screen the qty that are currently on order. Normally I also add Qty On hand so the user then instantly see what is available in inventory or on purchase.

Unfortunately you wont be able to do this with out a developer license, so you would need to contact your partner to do the work, but this is a very trivial piece of work, taking 10 minutes at the most.


I know a lot of posts ask questions that are not clear, but if you personally don’t understand the question, why even reply minutes after the question is asked? This is a very simple question, and the poster gave all the required information. You don’t have to answer every question with a question. All it does is adds confusion but adds no value.

I know what I am doing…Its an open forum and I can ask/post if It is not clear to me…

I dont need your permission to it…

Thank-you so much.

Unfortunately our developer is hard to reach and I can’t seem to get hold of him. But never mind, at least I know what I want is possible. I’ll get it some day!