Check on non-reserved MTO lines

Sometimes Sales Orders for Make-To-Order items are abusively archived as stock orders without ever creating a Production order for them (untill our customer calls in anger [:(]). To avoid this mistakes, I would like to check my Sales lines on a regular basis on missing Reservation entries. In other words, how could I conveniently check released sales lines for MTO-items for which no Production order has been created. Anyone a good idea?

Hi Michiel Run the customer order detail report. On the sales order line tab bring forward the reserved quantity field, and set the filter to zero. Also bring forward the order line released flag and in teh filter set this to Yes. This should help you out.


abusively archived as stock orders

Nice [:D]


Originally posted by SBWEAVER
Also bring forward the order line released flag and in teh filter set this to Yes

Hi Steven, Thank you very much! Only were do I find the Released flag you’re talking about?

Hi Michiel The field is called “Order Line Released”, you can search for it in the field by pressing F6

Hi Steven, Are we both talking about table 37 Sales Line? I don’t have such a field here. Isn’t it a customized field in your database?

Hi Michiel I am looking at Cronus. Are you running version 3.60?

Steven, Actually I’m working with a 3.10 database, but I’ve got a 3.60 available as well. Can’t find it! Could it be a localization? What is the field number?

Hi Michiel I can only offer heat exhaustion as an excuse for numbing my brain [:D]. In Cronus I cannot find it - I must have been between databases looking at a customer specific one whilst posting the reply. My apologies because I always try and use Cronus. This means you would have to either modify the report to include the sales header and filter on released orders or modify the line to have a flag updated by the releasing of the order. Again - sorry for this - I will go and beat myself severly with a large stick [}:)] I also cannot remember if the release order function existed for sales orders in 3.10 or if it came in at 3.60. But if it does not exist in 3.10 it will not be possible - but from your description I think it does.

Apologies accepted, Steven. [;)]

Hi Michiel In an attempt to try and redeem myself. . . . . How are you creating the production order? If it is direct from the sales order the reserved quantity will always be greater than zero? Further more looking at the sales line table if I have two sales orders and one has a production order against it and the other does not the planning field is set to yes on the one that does and no on the one that does not - so you could look for orders where planning is set to No (although the reserved quantity will still be zero so I am unsure if you will gain anything)

Hi Steven, Our Sales reps don’t create Production Orders out of a Sales order. We create a Firm Planned Production order, Source Type = Sales Header, Source No. = Sales Order No., and then use Functions-Refresh, et voila! The field ‘Planned’ you mention doesn’t seem to work in this procedure. But I’m happy with your first solution!