purchase/sales orders inquiry requirements


i have a couple of questions about the inquiry requirements for purchase/sales.

  1. Is there anywhere i can get the list of purchase/sales orders for a specific item? The transactions for a specific item/product is too complex which contains everything(inventory adjustment, quarantine, etc.)

  2. overview of received products and remaining for a purchase order if it contains multiple lines and multiple receipt, if one purchase order have multiple lines, and each line has multiple receipts, it’s really complex to check the remaining and received quantity, i have to select each receipt and go to the lines, then i can see the remaining and received.

many thanks.

Hi …

[1] For ‘open’ sales and purchase orders, have you looked at the released product form, filter on the item number then under the sell / purchase tab look at either ‘open sales order lines’ or ‘open purchase order lines’

If it is for closed sales orders, then have a look at the sales and marketing > reports > transactions > sales orders > order lines > then use the select > select item, type, line status and perhaps created date and time range.

[2] Try looking at Purchase orders > All purchase orders > filter on the status then under ‘general’ > Line quantity

I hope this helps and is what you are asking for …


  1. From the released product you can see the open sales and purchase orders. These are on the sell and purchase tabs. You also have open purchase order and sales order line inquiries you can filter by item number.

  2. Look on the general tab of the purchase order, line quantity tells you what you need I believe - the received and remaining quantities.