Purchase Order Still Showing on Item Card Qty on Purch Order

Hi Forum, I have a strange situation and wondered if any one else has come across it. On an Item Card, if I drill down on the Qty on Purch Order I see a PO for this item that has been received and invoice back in January with nothing outstanding. The original PO was for a quantity of 1 and it has been received and invoiced. There are other lines on this PO that are yet to be recieved BUT not for this item. Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone come across this before. Thanks…Paul

Quantity in Purchase Order is filtered by Document Type, product and item No. It shouldn’t display other items…

Hi Nuno, thats what I thought but it is showing. However I have found the problem now. This Order was a very old order that was put on the system back in January but since then there have been a number of new rules put into CodeUnit 90 which has now prevented this order from being fully posted. Having spoke with the client they agreed that the order was infact wrong so I have told them to ignore it. Thanks for you help…Paul