Scheduled status in production pool?

hi all,

can anyone please tell when will the scheduled status assigned to production pool?

I did update–>estimation, instead on updating estimated status it updates scheduled…

Thanks a lot…

If you are trying from Planned Production Order and firming, by default the status of the Production would be “scheduled” status.

If you are creating manually a Production order and by update–>Estimation, the status of the Production will be in estimated status.

Request you to check the status available in Production parameters (status) tab, whether estimated check box is selected.


Satish EC

Yes satish …Estimated check box is selected.



In the Production parameters–>Setup–>status, please click on select all and try to estimate the production order.


Satish EC

The issue here is not clear. At what point are you doing this - creating a manual order, pressing estimation and it is scheduling it? We are now talking about the firming of planned orders, but the OP never said this.