Firming a planned work order [AX 2009]


When planned work orders are firmed and moved to “Start” status, batch numbers for each raw material in the Picking List Journal lines are blank. How can I make it possible to display the batch numbers for RMs in picking list Journal after firming?

But if work orders are created manually and moved to “Start” status, batch numbers appears for each raw material on the Picking List Journal…

Please advise. Thank you

Production Parameters on reservation define this, when you firm you don’t get the choice, but post firm look at the setup and you will see the reservation setting. That is your first place and then back to the parameters and parameters by site - if the firm is doing something different from the parameters you will need a developer to look at it, because as standard there is only one reference so manual or auto should not matter - unless you reserve at a stage you jump when automatically firming (through the status checks in the parameters) but choose to do this step when you manually process, but that is theoretical, never actually looked at it.

Hi Adam,

if follow what you saying, the production parameter should work for both manual WO and Planned WO. when I started the planned WO, the system acquiring for dimension batch number & location even after placing the “batch number group” for the BOM items in Item Master. if I untick the “post picking list now” I can diagnosed the dimension error from AX but when I go to picking list journal, still there is no Dimension batch number & location being stated for this WO. can you explain to me in detail on how this planned WO get processed?

Thank you.

You can try the following…

In the coverage group parameters, Others section, Requested production status you should have Started as per you said, change it to Scheduled and Start it manually in the main production panel. (Yes it is one more step…)

I would also see the effect of: Production control parameters\General\Production creation, Reservation. Do you have it for Start? Try change it to Estimation or Scheduling and see how it works when you firm the planned order…

Good luck!