Planned orders scheduling

I am working on 2012R2.

After successfully scheduling the planned orders in which table I can find all the planned orders

can anybody suggest.



ReqPO is the table you are looking for.

What do you mean by scheduling the planned orders? Are you talking about the operation/job scheduling results related to the planned production order?

Yes kranthi I am talking about job/scheduling…

Can you be more specific? What data related to scheduling you are talking about?

When I run the master scheduling from below path

Master Planning–>periodic -->master scheduling .

It will create batch job and after running the batch successfully…planned orders in below path

Master scheduling -->Common->Planned orders
for some of the planned orders I can see scheduling details in below path

Selected planned order ->view (Tab)–>Capacity reservation …

And for some of the planned orders I am not able get these details in capacity reservation form…
but if I reschedule for particular planned order the details gets updated in the capacity reservation.

Kindly let me know in which class I can Debug to know the details of scheduled details for particular orders.

May be this, \Classes\WrkCtrScheduler_Req
If that doesn’t work, try adding a break point to insert method of \Data Dictionary\Tables\WrkCtrCapRes and reschedule the planned order (this may help you to find the code flow)

Hi Kranthi,
When I put my debugger in \Data Dictionary\Tables\WrkCtrCapRes .it is not being called while recheduling