Hi! Can anyone help me with assigning of roles to my users?..

Roles for users who will use:

  1. Analysis by Dimension of NAV 5

  2. Bank Reconciliation

  3. Export files to excel using style sheet

  4. Generate Financial Reports

Thanks for you time and knowledge.

Hello Paulo,

You’ll have to do alot of research and trial-and-error testing. Assign the base permissions that will allow the user to log into NAV. Now you’ll need to identify the tables accessed by each of your 4 functionality groups. You could turn on the Client Monitor ( Tools menu, Client Monitor) and then run thru the functionality for one of your groups. When done stop the client monitor and copy and paste the output into Excel. This will allow you to review what tables were accessed. You will need this in order to research what additional roles the user will need to be assigned. You can do this by going to Tools, Security, Roles and looking thru he list of roles reviewing the permissions by going to the Role button, Permissions option.

I think there is a permission configuration tool that uses client monitor output I’ve seen on Mibuso but I’ve never used it so I don’t know how well it works. This is just an overview of where to begin, assigning permissions is an arduous task.

Hi DigiTecKid!

Thanks for your concern my friend… i’ll do what you’ve said and give you feedback later… Thanks!

hi DigiTecKid,

once again, i have a question regarding roles and permission. By this time, i want to try what you have said on your reply. however, the client monitor option on the tools menu is disable. i am using super user account and i dont know why. is license a factor for that menu? i’m currently with my client and i used their BE license. Thanks!

Use Developer License for this purpose.

We are managing access to Navision trough the Active directory service. It may also help you but depends on your IT infrastructure.