Security Roles in Navision 4.0

Hi All!

Actually I wish to know how to set up different security roles for different users.

All users will not have access to the same granules, and within each granule they will be allowed to perform specific functions and not all functions.

Can anyone help me on how to go about?

For instance, a user can have permission only to make entries but not to post these entries.

Also I wish to know how to limit a user’s access to specific reports and not all the reports.

Hope I made myself clear.

Thanks and Regards


Hi Beatrice,

to configure the user permissions, you first create the different Roles, and then assign these roles to the different users. In the roles, you give permission to the different objects (read, write etc). There ar some basic Roles predefined, that either work for you, or which you can use as a base. I think there is a tool somewhere, that helps you define the access for the user, but I don’t remember, where to find it at the moment.

Another approach, that we sometimes use in Version 4, is to create different Navigation Panes, and then assign the user only those Navigation Panes, that he should have access to. But this will still give users access to things, that you might not want them to see, if they are smart enough.

Hi Daniel!

Thank you for your quick reply.

How do we set up different Navigation Panes for different users?

Can you please give more details?

Thanks and Regards


If you are in the Navigation Pane Designer, you do a right click on the Menu you want to assign, and select “Assign users”. A Form will pop up, where you can select the users, that you want to have access to this Menu.

Maybe here:

or here: