Reverse Transaction in Dynamics AX

I would like to reverse an invoice in AX 2009. I select the customer > Transactions > Select the invoice (unpaid) and clikc on the Reverse Transaction button.

I have set the Number sequence to continuous for transaction reversal

I get an error : That the ledger transaction Sales- packing slip revenue cannot be reversed

Is there a setting that I could change?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, customer/vendor transactions that have been created using salesorders or purchaseorders cannot be reversed by AX. Only customer transactions via Free Text Inoices or customer transactions made via Ledgerjournals can be reversed.

So, there is no setting that could help.



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Hi Dennis,

How do I correct a AP invoice that is posted with the incorrect price?



You can reverse a PO invoice.

Open the PO that has been invoiced and in the quantity tab of the item - in the receive now field put the qty in negative

and posting → invoice - change the quantity parameter to receive now - and post the invoice - now the PO status will be changed to open order

now re-post the invoice with correct figures…(Provided the PO quantity is not consumed in any of the processes)

Hi Kranthi,

I tried that but the Match Variance error shows up when I try to post.

This is the error message.

The quantity cannot be invoiced because inventory transactions with a status of Deducted are insufficient.

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Probably means the stock has been sold.

You could put two lines on, a new negative line for the original transaction, and new positive line for the correct price, this will result in a credit memo against the original purchase order, or a new price difference invoice. The negative and positive line are automatically applied to each other.

enable the negative physical and financial inventory for that item - post the invoice and disable those parameters after posting…

you have not done or not posted Invoice this sales order, you have done only packing slip posted

invoice reversal you can go through transaction .>reversal but not for packing slip

invoice reveral you can use functions > create credit note but not for packing slip

for packing slip reversal go to particular sales order > functions >create reversal invoice

select packingslip tab and select particular customer and transaction check on mark all and clikc Ok

it will reverse your pakcing slip

“The quantity cannot be invoiced because inventory transactions with a status of Deducted are insufficient.” - This error comes because of Inventory Posting Journal through packing slip, when in inventory model group ‘Deducted’ option is selected . In this case before posting Invoice ,posting of packing slip is compulsory (When the quantity is negative).

So, please post packing slip and then post invoice.


Thank you it worked.

Please verify it as solution. It will help others.