cancelling an invoiced Sales/Purchase Order in AX 2009

hi all,

How shall we cancel an invoiced sales or Purchase order in AX 2009?

Is it like, we need to create a credit note for that by going to option ‘Functions’?.. then how does the inventory is reverted?

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There is no option of cancelling it. You need to reverse it.

Put negative quantity in delivery now field and post the invoice be selecting quantity option to delivery now.

Then your inventory and GL transactions get reversed.

Would it be the same process for an open sales order?


if the sales order is open, it is not required to be reversed as there is no transaction posted.


For the purchase orders if u do it from the functions> credit note, system will reverse the inventory and the financial effect of it for the vendor and the inventory…a negative line is created with the amount and when the invoice is posted all the transactions will be in sync…however you should apply the credit note to the vendor to close that transaction…

For the sales order you can do the reversal either by return orders from the return order form or similar to the purchase by going to function > credit note…

If the sales order is open order and you need to cancel it…it is first required to cancel the lines from functions > deliver remainder in the lines…when all the lines are cancelled the status of the SO will be cancelled…or you can also delete the SO if its not processed and not approved if the approvals are enabled.

If the order is open and NOT delivered use the deliver remainder function to cancel the line. I think you need to elaborate on exactly what you need to get a more comprehensive answer, but you have most options now in the thread.

Thanks to all for your help!

I havr issue to reverse invoice

I’m trying to reverse Po invoice After I created credit note of an Invoice reverse transaction PO line >> Inventory >> Transactions

I found “reserved” order in Issue . instead “Sold”. at the same time i was unable to post credit note invoice becouse error :

"invoice cannot be picked because only 0.00

what i should do to reverse this Invoice transaction ?

Dear Natasha,

in ax 2012 R1, when we make credit note from the Invoiced PO then we have to assign negative mark in quantity to take effect in PO once u click OK.

if you don’t mark negative sing in qty then ur credit PO will be created in positive qty which will make this problem for you. which you are facing.

so check how you have created the credit note you will get answer.

you can contact us on skype also for further detail.

Dear Hussn ,

Thank you for replay, I’m using AX 2009 and before I do create the Credit note I should reverse the packing slip that already received from that item … but now I make a credit note posting for one of 3 invoices I wanted to reverse against that PO , how to cancel that posed credit note invoice to start from beginning ?