Voucher Reversal error

Hi All

I am trying to reverse the purchase order invoice but getting the error “ledger transaction purchase type, receipt [Ledger account] can not revere”.Please advise me the solution and why this is happening.


You cannot reverse this sort of journal because it has stock implications, you need to process a credit note to reverse this sort of invoice.

ok, then how can i do that can u explain it.and about inventory will it get reverse and what will be the status of the PO. And one more question if by mistake wrong vendor was selected and the PO get invoiced, for that what we can do.


Ok so you sent the wrong PO to the wrong vendor, you then received this onto the wrong vendor even though the goods were supplied by another vendor (who you presumably never sent an order to) and you then invoiced the order from a vendor you have never recieved an invoice from and never recieved the goods from - can you explain how this happens?

So what you do is you load a purchase return, update the purchase return to delivery note to send the goods back, then you invoice it to create the credit, you then apply the credit to the invoice so you do not pay the vendor you never bought the goods from.

Then you load a purchase order on teh vendor you never sent a purchase order to but still provided you with the goods and you receive this purchase order in, then you process the invoice through purchase control to cost the items and create the liability.

Then you review your working practices and controls.

Thanks you very much for your reply. Actually we are implementing the AX at new client and they are doing backlog entry due to this it happens.

Now they know what happens when they process the backlog incorrectly, they need to be careful or undoing is difficult.