Reverse AP Payment.


My new AP personnel accidentally created a AP payment and posted it to the wrong Vendor account.

Now I am stuck with a payment that does not belong there. I tried to reverse it by selecting the transaction in the AP Vendor Transaction window and clicking Reverse transaction button. Then I get a error message "The ledger transaction type Bank for the account XXXX cannot be reversed.

Can someone offer me tips on how to correct this issue.

Thanks in advance.


Would this work?

Can I create another payment journal that can offset the the payment.

Is this the correct way?

Never do that. Then it will loose it’s trail.

This is all about Bank module. I believe you have already issued Check. you have to go in Bank module and then to make Payment reversal.

Do as follows

Bank → Common Forms → Checks

Then go to concern check and press Payment reversal. But it needs few set up. Ask your consultant to do that. or if you need to know the set up you can write me.


What if this is a wire or electronic payments?



In order for you to reverse a check, you have to set-up a journal first:

GL> setup>Journals>Journal names

Journal type :Bank Check Reversal