AX 4.0 - Reversing A/P Payment Journal?

Is it possible to reverse A/P Payment Journal if it was already posted to the G/L? If so, how can I get that done?

Yes it is possible but it depends on the cases. For example if you have generated check, reverse the check from the check form or try to reverse it from vendor transaction form.


There were 21 lines in the journal, 5 of which the checks were generated for, the remaining 16 the checks did not print for and all of these 16 transactions have the same voucher number. All this was caused by not setting the ‘Offset Account’ field on one of the journal lines.


A change in my previous post: Journals can’t be reversed, you need to reverse the vouchers individually.

In your case, since there are 5 checks generated, you can reverse that from the check form.

For the remaining one voucher which has 16 vendors, system will not allow you to reverse it from the vendor transaction.

You need to manually pass a voucher for correcting the entries.