Reversing AP Invoice

I am trying to reverse a “Vendor Invoice” in Accounts Payable. The invoice was entered without a Purchase Order. When I click on the Reverse Transaction Button, I get the following error: The ledger transaction type Purchase expenditure for expense for account “XXXXXX” cannot be reversed.

Does anyone know why it won’t allow me to reverse the invoice?

Is the vendor transaction is unsettled?

How was the invoice posted? Purchase expenditure for expense is used when you invoice a PO containing non stocked service item.

The other option here is to post correction entry with reverse sign and use open transaction editing to knonk off the invoice and correction entry.


Hi Pranav,

The Invoice has Not been Settled. The invoice was posted through workflow. We created non-stock service itmes and coded them as normal. I know I can post a correction entry but I don’t know why we can’t reverse invoices. Thanks for you response.