How to void a AP transaction in AX 2012

Hi, could some one point me how to void an AP transaction. My accountant by mistake posted an AP invoice and when we try to reverse the transactions (from Vendor Form)

“The ledger transaction type Purchase, accrual for account XXXX cannot be reversed”

also another error message similar to below;

“the bank account XXXX cannot be reversed”

Hi Patrick,

Can you tell us what transaction was posted exactly. In some cases the invoice cannot be reversed through vendor transaction.

In this case, check what all voucher transaction got posted and then post exact replica of that transaction. Later, settle the wrong posted invoice with the correction entry you posted in open transaction editing form.

For the second error, this error comes when you reverse the payment transaction. We had similar issue and after analysis we found that bank transactions cannot be reversed. I remeber we posted correction entry for this transaction also.