Return Orders


I am testing returns orders in AX 2012 R3 - all working fine for a standard return where the product does not have a serial number. However, if I return an item with a serial number it does not allow me…

I get the following error:-

The serial number 15064453 entered does not match the serial number(s) on the referenced invoice line.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

ps. Just incase it has any bearing we have enabled the option to delete Sales Orders once invoiced - I cannot however see why this would cause this issue because when we create the return order we can see the original sales orders and the serial numbers etc.

Greatly appreciate your help.


It seems that you’re trying to return a different item (different serial ID) then what was sold to the customer. Use the correct serial ID.

By the way, please separate tags by comma or semicolon. You created a single huge tag “AX 2012 r3 return orders serial numbers sales ledger”.


I amended the class that does the validation:-

Congratulation, you just broke your AX by removing this important validation. Now customers can return different items than what they actually bought.

In my scenario I create a returns order - I enter/select the order number that the return order relates to and then see I had a serial number part on the order which is number 12345 - the customer is wanting to return 12345 so we match. I select the serial number and then get the error;l

The serial number 12345 entered does not match the serial number(s) on the referenced invoice line.

I accept in a live environment user could select the wrong serial number but I am testing and documenting this and am making sure I am selecting the right serial number and product - in my testing I entered one order with one serial number I then walked the order through the system and invoiced the order… I then raised the return order and got the error message…

You can have a developer to debug and to see why it is not allowing even if you are trying to choose a right serial number.