Expected return quantity must not be zero

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the “Find sales order” function in the return orders form, but anytime I try to mark a Sales order from the “Finding sales order” form in AX, i get the following error. Can someone let me know what to be done with the issue?


Thanks all.

So you are getting the error the moment you select a particular sales order or by modifying the quantity to return?
What is the quantity to return on related line? if you are modifying it, how you are doing to it?

for example the sales order i want to return has one line with QTY 5.

This can happen if you are modifying the quantity to return to a qty of opposite sign. You haven’t said, if you are modifying the quantity or not?

I don’t modify the quanitity. the process is like i create a return order for a customer, then i select find sales order, i see a list of sales order which having been invoiced, delivered, or open Basically. when i try selecting a sales order, from the find sales form i get this error.

Find sales order (from return order) would only show the already invoiced orders. Will you be able to post a screen shot?

So in the above screen shot, the 1st sales order is invoiced. If i try to select this sales order i get the error.

It looks like there is a customization which is allowing the selection of un-invoiced sales orders.

But even if i select the completely invoiced SO from the finding sales order list, i get that error.

The only reason for this to happen in standard code is, modifying the quantity to return to a qty of opposite sign.

Kranthi, i think need a developer to check the issue. But i really appreciate your help for this issue.

The error is standard and below is the reason for that

If a SO (with positive qty) is returned or credited, the returned/credited qty must not be zero or negative.
And the other way arround; If a SO (with negative qty) is returned/credited the qty must zero or positive.

Hope it helps…