Problem with Item tracking in sales return order in nav2009r2

Dear Friends,

I have a problem with our item tracking system. That is suppose when we have to return the item from customer through get posted lines to reverse. In that time system unable to compare the lot or serial nos on item.

My requirement is system need to ask serial or lot number. And that should be match with the serial or lot number on the product which we have sent to customer previously.

How can i manage this issue. Can any one please help me.

did you set the serial no series/lot no series in the item?

Hi jonathan,

I require only serial no. So i have created one item tracking code with serial no validation. And updated same to the item.

Now for purchase order & sales order It’s working as i required. But at sales returns time system unable to restrict the serial no.

Can u please update any functional felicity or any customization required.

If customization required please share the clear sample code.

This is very urgent requirement for me…


not sure if i understand you.

i did following:

created a test item with serial no and tracking code

created a purchase order with 100 parts of that item and posted it.

so i had 100 parts on the inventory.

then created a sales order with 1 part and created a serial no for the sales line (–> tracking lines).

then posted the sales order → sales invoice, sales shipment.

after that created a sale return order out of that sales invoice (button: get posted sales lines)

checked the sales line in the sales return order: menu line → item tracking lines … and … hurrah, there was the same serial no

maybe you have an other problem: does the returned item have the your original serial on the label of the package or is that an other serial no, or maybe no serial no?

if it is an other serial no, maybe you’ll need an additional field in the sales return order (line): external serial no

Hi jonathan,

Exactly. At sales return time if we get the line from posted invoice the serial is automatically updated. But my client requirement is system shouldn’t get that serial no information & sales return order can’t post with out serial no. Then end user should enter or scan the serial no which he have on the physical product. Then system will compare the scanned serial no and serial no on the product which we have sent to customer at sales time. There is any difference system should through an error.

The purpose is to check customer returned the same product or not at serial no level.

I think creation of this functionality is possible with customization.

Please Explain me the step by step process…


Gentle Reminder…

simple scan the serial no. printed on the package when the sales return order is open and the posted invoice lines are added. after scanning, the system should read serial no from the selected sales line and compare the scanned no. with the value of the line. if they do not match, show an error. add the scan call to functions menu at the sales line. this method is simpler than the method you mentioned, but should do the same. and … without big change of the system.


I am sorry jonathan, I was unable to under stand. Can you please explain clearly.


in the sales return order form there are on the bottom line the menu buttons like “Ret. Order”, “Line”, “Functions”, etc.

fictional gui workflow: Under the menu button “Line” you need a new menu entry “Compare Serial No.”. This new function opens a new form. in this form you should have a button “Scan Serial No.” for scanning the serial no. from the package. after scanning the serial no. it is shown in a textbox/label field on that form. on that form you have a second button “Compare scanned serial no.”. when clicking that button the scanned serial no. is compared with the list of serial nos, which are linked to the item in the sales return order line. if the serial is not found, you get an error.