Retail Management System (RMS)

Ok i want to know more about the Microsoft Retail Management System. I have a chain of 12 stores and would like to get to know the advantages of this product over any competitors models. My head store is located in Sydney City. Are there any Consultants that sell this software on the site that can help me out. I am looking to implement the system sooner rather than later. All help would be greatly appreciated.

You could also look here if you need a fullblown Navision Add-on. LandsteinarStrengur also has a partner downunder.

What kind of stores are they? If you are talking fashion stores, please let us know. Maybe Pebblestone Fashion could be a good solution for you for the backoffice, in combination with Infostore for POS.

I am mainly looking at the Microsoft RMS for now…once i have had the demo on that product then i will compare it with the other products out there. An assosciate from overseas in the same line of business uses it and swears by it.

Hi Cbdit, The microsoft RMS system was originally from Sydney,Australia. Therefore, you may contact the local Microsoft Business Solutions Manager (Microsoft), they should be able to lead you to the right partner. We are a partner of MS RMS in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. If you would like to, may contact me at