FrontOffice/Point-Of-Sale Systems

Hi all! We are currently browsing the market for “the best” POS/Retail systems for some subsidaries (optical business, opticians) … Well, of course there are the “usual” candidates like LS Retail or US Retail but I would appreciate, if you could give me some recommendations, comments, hints etc. about your experiences with retail/pos systems, escpecially when it’s about communication with a NAVISION BackOffice system! Thanks in andvace! Kind regards,

I’m not quite sure if I really should reply here as I have to talk about OUR retail solution. Smart RetailSuite is a completely Navision based Front-and Backoffice solution. Our solution is currently available in a large number of countries except for Germany as we did not find a distributor for that area yet. If you might be interested we would be pleased to present our solution.

What different POS software system have you used in the past? The one I’m using right now works like no other. I have been told that the one Microsoft has put out is really good, but I’m not sure if I want to switch over or not.