Distributors and Resellers wanted

Hello community,

we are currently expanding our business and are looking for NAV partners interested in selling our retail solution to end customers (reseller or distributor) or other partners (distributor only).

This advanced retail solution comes with a user-minded GUI and a highly advanced replication technology.

Contact us or visit www.dynavics.com to get more information.

We are looking for new opportunities in new markets, especially in the asian and american market.

Hi Thomas,

can you tell a little about your product. A numebr of questions that come to mind:

  • what is your target market (i.e. no or POS/Stores/Back offices)
  • how does it scale
  • What method do you use for posting data into NAV (existing sales orders or new process) etc.
  • What size systems do you have as reference clients right now?
  • how does it all work in 2009.
  • what server do the POSs run on
  • does NAV run on the POS
  • how do you license the stores.

Thats a few questions to get started, I am sure I will have more as you get moving along.

As an example I have a client on NAV with POS, they have about 200 databases, the back office database (obviously the largest) is now coming up to 1T in size, is this the sort of market for your product?

There are also a lot of NAV clients out there that are more distribution companies, but do some over the counter sales, and have the need for manybe 2 or 3 POS terminals, is that a market for your product?

Hi David,

We are targeting our product especially in the area where additional functionality at the point of sale is needed like furniture stores and similar.
We are not aiming for supermarkets or similar “high volume” - “Low functionality” business.

The upper limit which we have already tested and running I would see in the range of 100 stores with approx. 5 tills per store. But this mainly depends on the number of transactions per day.

Data is being posted to NAV using new processes (the combination of POS Documents and Posted POS Documents)

As NAV2009 RTC does not support any screen layout (touch screen support) and events, we are limited with the till front end to the classic client. Anyway all back office operation can be performed at the RTC and the classic client.

The typical configuration is that you have a server inside the store (SQL or Native) and a number of tills and back office PC’s connected to it (NAV clients). An Application server caters for the replication processes.replication can work either directly to HO database or multi level replication via “regional head office” databases in a tree structure.

The system scales from single-stores with two tills up to 100 stores with up to twenty tills.

Licensing the stores is as simple as purchasing a user in NAV, just cheaper.

A single store is 2000 c/shells and a POS user (which already includes the NAV user) you get for 3000 c/shells. Additional volume discounts apply (up to 55%).

I would like to offer you and everybody else a web based demo which we could schedule any time.

Can you describe how you position yourselves against LS Retail?

How do you postiion yourselves against Microsoft Retail Management System?

No problem,

Our solution is a way smaller than the LS Retail solution but provides almost the same functionality. Even more functionality in some areas.
Implementing our solution (roll-out) per store is less than a day including user training (assuming that PCs and network are set up).

We also provide better/faster support than the competitors on the market.

RMS is almost not existent here in Europe and so I cannopt really tell you much about it, but the main advantage we have is that the complete solution runs inside NAV and is therefore highly adaptable regarding the customers needs.

Can you elaborate a little more on areas where your functionality is enchanced as compared to LS Retail? What areas? In what ways is your product superior?

What is the advantage of being “smaller”? Does this mean fewer objects?

Yes, one of the advantages is having fewer objects all together and a lot fewer objects changed in the standard NAV range. This makes upgrading to newer versions much easier.

Areas where we have higher level of functionality is the touch screen design which allows to run any object with and without filters which are defined as data and no program changes are needed. Replication technology is more advanced and makes setting up a new replication as easy as filling in a sales order.

But again - I would like to show you in a demo where we can discuss each and every part in detail.


I’ve just e-mailed you and would be interested in seeing a demo of your product

In term of price, is it cheaper than LSRetail or around the same price tag ?

Best Regards,