Restoring NAV backup

Hi there,

I have 2 servers of NAV.

Server 1 : SQL 2008

Server 2 : SQL 2008 R2

Both servers NAV client is version 2009. I did a NAV backup from Navision on the server 2 which running sql 2008 R2. When i tried to restore it to server 1, it restored halfway and said the file was corrupted.

Is there anyway for me to restore NAV backup without depending on SQL version?

Please help

Thank you

Did you copied the backup file and pasted into the other server (i.e Network Shared).

If so then zip the backup file, copy it and then restore the file.

Hi there,

It’s funny. When you zip it, it restores fine. But when you do normal copy, never say anything corrupted till try to restore it :frowning:

Ok it works now but i have security problem now.

It forbids me going to certain table and i have set the permission correctly. I’m using windows authentication.

Is it license issue?

Thank you so much


Can you please verify the solution.

it’s possible that its a license issue, it’s also possible it’s a SQL security issue. Have you tried re-synchronising the security on the restored db?