Backup and restore higher SQL versions

Hello house,

Am facing a challenges here on nav2009, i did an sql backup from sql11, and i try to restore on sql12 which prompt error that i cant backup from sql lower version and install it on sql higher version. then i try to install on the higher version and it work but i cant use nav 2009 development environment to open it because nav 2009 demo use to install on lower version which is sql11 .

pls help me out.

sorry there is a miss up from the question above, i did a backup from higher version and wanna restore it on lower version,
nav 2009 demo automatically install on lower version, but after i restore the backup on higher version i cant open it with nav2009 developer environment . pls help out

can anybody help me out?

Done and dusted

Hmm… i am not sure if that would be possible (from higher version to lower version) … other option you have is to export “data” (in excel etc) from new version and import it to old version

is it allowed to restore into a lower version .