Requisition Worksheet: only NEW action

I know the requisition worksheet is one of the more complicated realms of navision, but I need some advice on it. I run Navision 3.70 if that will help. When calculating a plan I do not want any action messages other than NEW. I do not have the luxury of rescheduling, or changing the quantity on purchase orders. I tried following codeunit 99000854 to find out how to stop this, but the best I could come up with was never letting the “Original due date” = 0D. The “Due Date” on my purchase orders are set to pretty reasonable values (not 0D from the plan date or order date by any means). I’ve also tried the “manufacturing setup” table. I’ve had the dampner fields as blank and as 365D and 1000% as suggested on another thread, but it seems to have had no affect. Thank you for your help. Wes

Hi Well see how close this gets you to the “new” and “cancel” sceanrio. Set the dampner fields to 365D and 1000%. Set your items as Lot-for-Lot and have a reorder cycle that is blank - I think then you will never get a reschedule or change quantitiy advice - just new and cancel.

A similar scenario ourselves but get round it by process… Calculate sheet Field filter on <> New Delete filtered lines Remove filter Carry out action message Hope that helps…

Hi Bob If you only get new and cancel messages as described and you filter out all the cancel messages and delete them then remove the filter and carry out the action messages you are causing yourselves horrible problems by continually making stock you do not need. To explain MRP tells you to order 15. You make this as order ABC123. On the next run it tells you to cancel 15 (ABC123) and make 15 more on a new. You then filter <> NEW and delete the lines you will delete the cancel message. you will then make the NEW by carrying out the action message You will then have double the orders for the supply for the demand. If you run MRP again you will delete 2 cancel messages and create a new one, tripling the supply to the demand requirement. Surely that is not what you are doing??? [:)]