Planning Worksheet

Currently using V3.01A and I’m unable to get any action messages other than cancel and new. My service provider confirmed they cannot get it to work on this version or the latest version. Has anyone experienced this type of problem? I can’t believe this function isn’t working.

Hi Mark What are your dampner settings on mfg set-up? Have you set production order planning flexibility to None? Are you using locations? What are you requisition methods? First two could well be casuing your new or cancel messages as they restrict replanning.

Dampener settings are 365D & 1000% Planning Flex is unlimited We are using locations and the system tells me to cancel a PO and add for the same Loc & Qty just a different date Req Method is: Calc. with Inventory Calc. below Reorder Point Make-to-Stock Lot-for-Lot

Hi Mark Apologies for replying to a hybrid of your name [:I] I have corrected it! If you have a test database remove the dampner settings, or alternatively, perform a run on your live database, delete the run, remove the dampner settings and rerun it and note the difference. Your dampner settings are telling Navision ONLY to replan if the required date shifts by a year or the quantity alters by 1000%. In this unlikely event you will get a reschedule, otherwise it can only ever suggest a cancel and new. Another US user has been asking similar questions - I will alert him to your posting and see if he can add to this post or at least confirm the thought process.

Steven, I started with nothing in the dampener settings and did not ever get a reschedule message. Believe it or not a 1000% qty change is not uncommon for us. We are running prottype electronic assemblies and typical purchases are for 10,000 piece reels even though we only need 10. I’ll try it again and see what happens.

Hi Mark The theory of the dampner fields are to restrict the small alterations and create new replenishments. The way yours are set I would always expect a new and cancel message to be created. Let me know how you get on with the testing.

On manufacturing setup the “dampener %” is “dampener % of lot size”. So in addition to the settings mentioned you have to setup the lot size for the item on the item card. If you have a sales order and production order for 100, if the the item lot size is 10, and the dampener % is 50. Then you get changes to the production order if you change the sales order to 94 or less. You will always get a change to the production order if you increase the sales order. Same with the dampener time. Reschedule your sales order backward within the time is OK, put it forward a day, and the plan will change. Best of luck.

Steven, I’ve removed the dampener settings and still all I get are cancel and new messages. We do not have sales orders I’m trying to run mrp off of a production forecast only. The system is suggesting cancel and new messages when all that is required is a date change and or qty change to an existing purchase order. I must be missing something. My service provider is also unable to solve this issue. Of the 5 action messages available Ive only ever seen cancel and new and I’ve run mrp at least 50 times changing various settings. We were supposidly one of the first users of 3.01a and im wondering if we’ve missed some later fix.

Hi Mark Can you on a test system set up one item - run mrp for this item and then alter the date of the demand - does it still create a cancel and new?

Hi Mark Unsure how the Lot-for-Lot field interacts with this as you have the items set in this manner, fixed quantity may prevent rescheduling - but lot-for-lot should work. I have just created an MTS order set with fixed quantity and set a reorder point of 3 with 5 in stock. I loaded a sales order for 01/06/04 for 4. Ran the regen and carried out the action messages. I then moved the sales order to the 01/05/04 and was told to reschedule. Moving it out to the 01/07/04 I got no message.

Steve, What happens if instead of a sales order you enter a Production Forecast?

Hi Mark I do not have access to the system remotely so i will try this when i get back - but if you could give the settings of an item so I could replicate it and the type of forecast and alteration I would appreciate it.

Hi Mark Just so others see [:D] You are using a Lot-for-Lot requisition system and the program generates an order proposal with a quantity that meets the sum of the requirements that come due within the reorder cycle. Looking at your item your reorder cycle is blank. This means it will treat each independent demand change as a new order. If you set this to one week or a sensible window within which to net changes you will get reschedule and change quantity messages. I originally set the item up with the information you sent and reproduced your issue. Entering a reorder cycle of one week and moving the forecast got a reschedule action message, altering the quantity got a change quantity action message and moving the forecast AND changing the date I got a Resched. & Chg. Qty. action message. I hope this helps you solve your issue.

Mark: Steven Weaver emailed me about this and here is my response. About a week or so ago I got confirm from my contact at Microsoft that their is a bug. You get the cancel message instead of just a reschedule when the demand is separated from supply by more then 7 days. I had my NSC place a fix into the MRP/MPS codeunit. Taking into account what you’ve heard, I think this is a major flaw in the MRP logic. Let me talk more with Microsoft on this and see if they will be sending out a hotfix or making a change in v4.0. I also played with the Dampener Days and removed Qty%. It allowed me to stop some of the cancels and get more re-schedules. I’m working from home today testing more MRP/MPS logic that might be flacky. Call me Wednesday if you want to know more. Thanks, Steven Chinsky

I am running 3.6 and just reported that I never see anything but new and cancel messages. I am getting told to cancel existing orders with good dates, and replace them with new orders for THE SAME DATES. This is on a buy part that the demand came from a sales order (it is an accessory we supply). Part has no SS, no Min-max, reorder points, and is lot for lot.

Hello guys, Just my testing results on setting up the planning worksheet for MPS/MRP run. I did many testing w/o the SKU card to be setup, and I got either cancel/new message only. Then I created the SKU card and ran through the planning cycle and guess what? I got all sort of the changes (reschedule, reschedule & change quantity, change quantity…),… I tested in 3.7 and 4.0 W1 version and it works the same way, I suppose it works only with SKU cards involved… any comments? Setup: Requisition System: Lot for Lot with include inventory Reorder cycle: so long as it’s not blank Lot Size: not 0 min req: not 0 Dampener: 7D Dampener Qty: 10% The only challenges are when there are overdue sales orders/purchase orders, the system won’t suggest you to place the orders on the current working date, and I guess customization would be required to cater for this…

Hi I do not believe SKU’s are a necessity, although they are the best approach. What do you have in the Components at Location field as this has an impact on the default planning location.