Dear all,

How to create a report by customer wise with remaining amount by giving posting date filter in request form and accordingly filter in the report . Is that only customer table is needed or intend another table .

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Hi Ramanathan,

If you’re trying to learn Navision and trying to create a new report, then I would recommend you to go through the training modules, especially the Application Designers Guide which has detailed explanations and exercises to get you started on the right foot.

If you’re trying to develop a report for a customer / as part of an assignment, then you must get back to the person who has assigned you this task and ask him CLEARLY what his requirements are.

In any case, it always helps to talk to people no matter how many times until you’re certain of their requirements. This way you can reduce the time spent in modifying after development.


Look at the existing Customer Reports these both do what you want as ‘at a Date’

Report: 104: Customer - Detail Trial Bal.

Report: 116: Statement