Detailed Customers/Items Report

I have customised my Navision to suit my sales requirements. However, I need a report that should print based on Customer/Item parameters i.e. each customer, print the products sold and their totals (both detailed and summary. The Customer/Item report can work but it is summarised. I need one that should be detailed per Customer per Item but should give me the summary totals as the current report does. How do I implement this in Navision?

Further, I cannot use my current licence in the customised company - error: cannot access sales table(customised)! How can I go round this???


Musenga Sinkala


It sounds like you are an “end-user” of NAV - is that correct? If so what you will have to do is, ask your NAV partner to write for you the required report. However if you have the application builder part on your licence, you could purchase a set of report objects and either write the report yourself (if you have the experience) or, hire a freelancer or contractor to do this task (but only if you have the application builder part on your licence).

Hope this helps

Hi Connull,

Thank you for your reply. Am actually new to Navision but I have undergone CSIDE training hence am able to change the forms, codeunits etc. to customise the system to my requirements. Am able to design a report probably from the scratch and am using a developers licence to do this. However, I should state that my question really is about a “quick” way to the report such as including details in the existing (customer/item) report before the item summary total is printed. There is already a report and I would not like to develop a new one but instead use this existing one for quick deployment of my system.


Musenga Sinkala

As far as I can see, the report 113 (Customer/Item Sales) - to reach via “Sales & Marketing”, “Order Processing”, “Reports” shows the customers and the items sold as well as the totals.

Is that the report you are talking about?

Dear Tom,

Yes, that is the report. I want it like yesterday. It can’t give me the option to print the details but only summary totals per customer per item.



What do you mean by detailed? Is it each transaction?

If so - take a copy of the standard report and print for each value entry or am I missing something?

If you want to see the transaction details, you would need to add a new section (body of Value Entry) and just add the fields you want to show.

Do also add a new boolean variable (global) called “ShowDetails” or similar. Add a new checkbox with this variable as source expression to the request form of the report.

Add the following code to the “OnPreSection” trigger of the new section:


So you can switch the new section on and off.
If needed you can also add a header section for the “Value Entry” dataitem and add the same code to the OnPreSecion of the header section.