Nav Customer/Item Sales


I am using Jet reports to get sales, margin info etc out of Navision.

The report I am running is similar to the Customer/Item Sales report in Nav, but with some extra bits, which is why we’re not just using the Customer/Item Sales report.

However, the sales figures which my report is reporting are different from the figures on the Customer/Item Sales report. I know where the figures on my report are coming from, ie I can go in Nav and look at the Sales Line table or whatever and it will show the same figures.

Please could someone tell me how Customer/Item Sales works out its sales figures so I can work out why they are different?

Thank you

NEVER report on document tables, e.g. Sales Lines. These are usable only to retrieve and maybe reprint a posted document, not for analysis of any kind.

Other data there, especially costing related, are approximate, in other words, “what it was known at the moment of creating”, and are never updated, there is no need for this.

Instead, Ledger tables should be used, in your case Item Ledger + Value Entry tables. The latter collects full info about costing, both direct and indirect.

Thanks, that is really helpful!

I will change my report so it pulls from the Item Ledger and Value Entry tables instead.

Just one more thing, if I change my report to pull from these tables, will my report show the same sales figures as the Customer/Item Sales report, will both reports be looking at the same things (more or less)?

Thanks so much for your help.

I’m not quite sure which report you meant, it might be even something local for NAV-UK, but if it is standard, not custom or modified, it is for sure built on “correct” tables [;)]

If previously you pulled data from sales docs, those do not and can not contain info about indirect costs - e.g. freight, customs, etc etc which may be added by another invoice(s) afterwards. These are reflected only as addition Value Entries for the same ILE record.