Brand new to Navision

The company I work for has previously contracted out writing Navision reports, but I will soon be taking over the maintenance/enhancements to the reports. Does anyone have suggestions on where to start so that I can learn about C/Side and Navision? What kind of developer licenses do I need to modify reports? Thanks…

You can buy the report designer as is. You don’t need a full development license. Best way is to ask your NSC to give you a 3-5 days course on report writing, understanding the database structure of standard Navisions and possible customisations.

Of course a training class is by far the best way to go, but to get the most out of such a class, you should prep yourself. To do so you should do the following. First you need to understand the Navision table structure. Learn about how the following tables are used, and how they interact:

  • 18 - Customer
  • 21 - Cust. Ledger Entry
  • 27 - Item
  • 32 - Item Ledger Entry
  • 36 - Sales Header
  • 37 - Sales Line
  • 110 - Sales Shipment Header
  • 112 - Sales Invoice Header
  • 113 - Sales Invoice Line
    Once you have this going, look at how forms work, look at the following to get you started.- 30 - Item Card
  • 31 - Item List
  • 42 - Sales Order
  • 46 - Sales Order Subform
  • 48 - Sales Orders
  • 344 - Navigate - this is a tough one, but try to follwo how it works.
    Once you understand this, you should have a basic understanding of Navision’s table structure. At this point comes the big task, … posting. The only way to really learn Navision is to post. I recommend that you post at least 100 Orders, trying every different combination you can think of, and after posting, check the results of the posting, especially spend time learning how to Navigate the posted documents, since this will help later in creating reports. Now pick a couple of reports to disect and learn about. Pick (say 3) reports that you know you are going to want to work on later. Then pick three reports that you know you will need to develop from scratch. Make attempts to do the 6 yourself, but don;t be disapointed when it seems impossible, but do collect a list of questions about developing these reports. Now when you go to your training you will be equiped to get the most value from the training. Remember to bring your list with you, and make sure you get your answers. And always remember, if you are not sure … ask.

Thanks for the info, guys. Ya, just from looking at the Navision Interface, it seems to me that the best way to learn the system is to get a basic understanding of how the tables work and interact together. Whether I attend a training class will probably depend on how easy it is to gain an understanding of how the tables, forms, and reports all interact.