Regarding Warehouse Setup


this is sudhakar

i want to know the purpose of warehouse pick,warehouse receive,warehouse shipment,warehosue put-away in warehouse setup window

if any one know the answer please help in this regard

You’ll hopefully like this [:D]

I believe the intention here is to allow the creation of a warehouse driven system and processing without actually having locations. Ignoring BRL licensing previously you bought every granule you required. If you only ever had one location and did not want to actually define a location you naturally did not have to buy the granule. However how do you tell the system you require this non-location to pick/putaway/ship/receive. The answer was to put them in the Warehouse setup. Of course you cannot use bins without the locations defined, and I have no idea how you would set these up or zones, but as I understand it this is the theory.

Your way to test this is to create a brand new company with no locations, flag these as required and then try to process a document - does it demand warehouse processing? [:D]