Bin Mandatory option in location setup

Hi ,

If we go to location setup —>click on Bin Mandatory option + require receive ,ship,putaway and pick —> without clicking on directed putaway and pick

my problem is → Consider an item PCS =1 BOX = 12

If you go ahead and work in this option above —>

create purchase order to buy 100 BoX–>

function —> create Whse Receipt in BOXES UOM —>

then post the receipt to get the putaway–>

going to putaway —>

changing the place action to another Bin B as i need ( I mean trying to change the bin code in the place action type and succeeded) —>

after that trying to register the putaway and here the problem

the system is telling me about the first line take Action type that the BIN IS NOT EXISTED IN THIS NAME,this UOM BOX → if you go to item card you will surprised to see the BIN CONTENT is only in PCs even you buy in BOXES and post receipt in BOXES ??

IS this normal to be happened ?

OR should we use break bulk for BIN MANDtaory option too as directed putaway and pick ?

Thanks for every one can help

In 2004 I spent a lot of time fighting with the Warehouse Management system. It was not reliable or logically consistent - I hope it has been improvied.

My strongest recommendation is that you create a test system and test each part of Warehouse Management to find out what happens when you choose different options (such as break bulk).

Good luck.


Hi Jonathan ,

I am still on testing database and fighting too … to be sure from everything …thank you for your advise

I am still trust that Navision is very intellegient software … hoping that WareHouse management system is not like you are trying to tell me …

And the Link of WMS & the manufacturing … this is what I am doubt of it … and not sure of all results .

My case that BinManadatry option cann’t work with Breakbulk ./ i mean in location setup

But directed putaway and Pick in the location setup can work with breakbulk in a prefect way .

I was trying to to use only the bin mandatory in the setting up … trying to run away from a big problem that I am facing using directed putaway & pick in setting up … this problem I am facing in using production zones … where they ar not flexible to be used … and only i have one inbound and one outbound production zone … so i tried bin mandatory option so that i can change the zones manually in putaway and pick documents… BUT I was suprised and stuck that no break bulk with Bin mandantory option … have a look at this case where i am suffering of or trying to runaway from this directed putaway and pick setting up in location setup …

Thank you again …

Sadly I do not have a current system with WMS and Manufacturing and cannot investigate these problems.

You are taking the right road by working thorugh all of the variations.


Hi Jhouanya,

Yes, I have also witnessed the same error while doing a break bulk for warehouse with no Directed put away & Pick. But if I can recollect, this worked fine in Nav 3.7 or 4.0 with out using directed put away & pick.

I’m trying to Investigate the Issue, will let you know if I have a solution.

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Hi panjam ,

I will be great if it has been passed through you experience …

Please don’t hesitate to recheck it and send it to me …

Thank you for you concern

Hi Jouhayna,

Sure I will…

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Hi Panjam ,

Still waiting your reply .

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