"Reference to the member Bill of Materials of the variable" error


When using the lookup button on the purchase order lines, I get the error message “Reference to the member Bill of Materials for the variable could not be solved”. Can anyone explain to me how to correct the error or a work around. We don’t use BOM and I can’t find where the error is coming from.


OK, step by step.

1/ Lookup : Lookup to what table and which form. Is this the Item table and is it looking at the standard NAV Item list form.

2/ Have you been modifying the system, or was it your partner? (assuming you are a user).

3/ Is someone modifying the system LIVE whilst you are working?

My guess is that someone has deleted a field form the Item table after putting it on the list form, but with zero information we really are running blind. A second guess is that someone is connecte to the server and making changes whilst you were working.

Step one is to log off NAV and back in again and see if that fixes it.


Only discovered today that this variable is not on all flavours of Nav - it’s field no. 6 on the item table (27). It’s on the GB/IE versions (and on W1 - I think). Check to see if code has been copied in from other version.

Thanks David and DaveT for your responses. I actually figured out what the problem was the next day.

When using the lookup field on the Purchase Line for the Item field, I was getting the error message “Reference to the member Bill of Materials of the variable cannot be resolved”. When I went to the Item List form, which is the form referenced by the Lookupfield, the was a blank field with the caption “control0000000…”. When I went into the properties of the filed, the SourceExpr was Bill of Materials. So I deleted the filed from the item List form since our customer does not need it. This fixed the problem.

Again, thanks!