ERROR message when opening Form 132

Hello forum,

can anyone help me with the following ERROR message which i receive when trying to open form 132 (Posted Sales Invoice):

“Reference to member Entry No. of the variable could not be solved”

Thanks in advance for every kind of help or hint.



Hi Lospet,

Your form 132 contains a field (Member Entry No.) that no longer exist on the source table.

Go in design-mode on the form.
Compile the object, and the compiler will locate the control that gives the error for You.

Thank you sander7! Your post solved my problem with the ‘Entry No.’.

Actually the problem was with form 133 (‘Posted Sales Invoices Subform’). I removed the field ‘Entry No.’, compiled the object and afterwards i added the field again. Now it is working!



Alexander is probably right, but note that there are also many other ways this eror can pop up, and sometimes they are hard to find.

Firstly (as Alexander says) look at the form giving the error, compile and see if a field is missing. Second, look at the sub form (or forms if you have created any) on that form, for the same thing. If that fials, then look at the source table of the two forms, and then check it the field “entry no.” exists, but maybe is disabled. if at that point you can’t find it, then possibly you have a function that calls a field that either is deleted or inactive. The easiest way to find it is to use the debugger, and let it stop at the error.

Thank you for your advice, David.