Reason Codes for item journal entries?

We are currently looking at way we can differentiate our scrap that is posted via the Item Journal.
We currently seperate some items using the General Posting Group, Department codes, and Area Code.

I am looking for simple reason codes to seperate transactions into standard categories like Obsolescense, Damaged in Production, Vendor Quality, Engineering Samples, etc.

We don’t have access to the reason code field, not sure what granual this is part of, etc.

We could just create a custom field.

We will most likely either just copy and past monthly transactions using
filters and sorting from the item ledger entry table, or use SRS to write
some scrap reports to seperate out the categories.

I’m curious to hear what other people have done for this to make it quick
and easy without adding too much complexity.

We are on NAV SQL version 4.1


Kevin Fons - Materials Manager
Saris Cycling Group
Madison, WI 53711

To Use Reason codes you need Granule “4770 - Application Wide - Reason Codes”

Reason codes aren’t copied to Item Ledger entry but to Value entry. You could add Item classification to global dimension.

Just a correction.

In Inventory analysis Report can use any Dimension. That dimensions are defined in Inventory Analysis View Card.

I decided to go with a custom field with an option string for the reason codes. It will require some code to get the value from the item Journal to the Item Ledger but it will greatl simplify reporting moving forward.

Thanks for the sugestions,