Blank/Null Item

I’m I suppose to have a blank item? I try to delete it and it says I cannot delete Item because there is at least one Item Journal Line that includes this line. When I look at the Item Ledger Entries I have 2645 entries that have blank item numbers. Different types, invoices purchase and sales, transfers, manual item adjustments. I know early on they paid to have the system tweaked to allow transferring in the negative. That has since been changed back, but I think this is part of the cause. All the entries are from years ago. Any ideas?

You Check Item Journal Line Table may be some entries are available in that table.

What do you mean? I already said there were over 2000 entries in the item ledger entry that have no item number in them. So I know that is a problem… I just wanted to know how I can fix it :wink:

You can’t basically, unless you remove all the entries. Of course there’s a round about way to achieve but you must know what you are doing.

Using MSSQL Management Studio, execute a statement to change the “Blank Item No.” to something else.

Then you are remove it.

In my test database I deleted every value entry with item number ‘’. Same with the item ledger entry table and then I deleted the item ‘’. The previous CFO would post thing into the inventory accounts and so my inventory to gl report format match the gl. So I’m seeing if the deleted blank item number value entries are the difference between the two…

Blank items can be the result of date compression.

Can you explain in more detail?