Items Journal to Item Ledger Entries


I am a fairly new AL Developer in Business Central and would like some help figuring out what happens to the REASON CODE that a user chooses in the Item Journal Entry Page after Posting a manual inventory adjustment.

Our accounting clerk has to make adjustment from time to time and if you look at the item’s inventory you can see the entries posted in the Item Ledger Entries but the reason that was originally entered (why they made the adjustment) is NOT visible in the Item Ledger Entries Page or the ITEM LEDGER ENTRY Table #32.

Where does Business Central store the information after the Item Journal is posted?



Yann, the BC is based on Dynamics NAV, and when you (or system) fill and post Item journal this line disappears and you receive a record in the several tables (based on your setup and depends on what action you do) = 32 (ILE), 5802 (VE), and, possible 17 (GL). But we have the “Reason Code” in the 5802 “Value Entry” table only.

If you ask about “OBJECT Page 40 Item Journal” nothing happens (it is before posting), and if you ask about 281 “Phys. Inventory Ledger Entry” or 5802 “Value Entry” - you need to check linked pages 390 “Phys. Inventory Ledger Entries” and 5802 “Value Entries”.

Could you specify your question and I’ll try to help you?

P.S. small advice - if you want to find all links for fields, just install BC OnPrem and open C/SIDE (with C/AL example)