Question regarding a rename of GD 1 dimension VALUE (only) in NAV 5.0 SP1 US

My client uses NAV 5.1 US localization and requested to rename one of the GD1 dimension values. This particular value is pretty much coded to every transaction since company inception and there is a medium-size of volume in this company.

I kicked off the routine over the weekend to prevent user interruption and it continues to run (and lock certain tables).

I cannot tell where in the process the routine is because it just says “modifying records in Table…0”. But I would like to know what tables get modified in this change (dimension value ONLY, not renaming the actual dimension). If I know the tables, maybe I can see from the object designer where it is and provide the client an estimate of time of completion.

It is probably too late to try and stop the routine now, I think it would take almost as long to back off what it has done. I just have a fear that it is looping maybe??