Change a global dimension

Hi all!

I have change a global dimension 2 from " XYZ" to “ABC”. However when I create some GL entries , the system does not show me some dimensions 2 values on the GL form. Why??

Ps: I can see that when I click on the "journal line dimension " of that entry, dimensions are there.


Hi Taty,

There used to have been a few errors in the rename tool. But what version are you using?

I suppose you have “changed” GD2 value for some records in G/L Entries, not the GD2 in General Ledger setup / Dimensions to another Dim…

If you open the G/L Entries form from Chart of Accounts and browse the entries, you can through Entry / Dimensions open a Ledger Entry Dim form, which will synchronize with current G/L Entry line while you browse up and down.

And there the problem comes. NAV allows to change the Dim values in this Ledger Entry Dim form (even delete at all or add new Dims) but that doesn’t reflect anyway in G/L Entry table if you change/add/delete GD1 or GD2 values, which are stored not only in Ledger Entry Dim table, but in G/L Entry table, too.

In other words, G/L Entry table GD1 & GD2 doesn’t get updated, only Ledger Entry Dimension table is.

IMO its a bug, and the error is in the possibility to change/add/delete Dims in Ledger Entry Dim form - it should be ReadOnly, as you can’t change Dims after posting.

Thaks both of you for responses.

However, I did use the function “Change global dimension” and later when I create some gl entries in the general journal, the system does not insert dimension value.

This is not completely correct. You can only change/add/delete dimensions with a dev license. End User will not be able to do so - except the form itself has been permitted to allow changes to Ledger Entry Dimension table.

Now you have put it straight what you’ve done and I see that my suggestion earlier was not the case.

As you have changed the GD to another one, now you must check if you have set up defaults for this Dim (in G/L Accounts form go Account / Dims single or Dims multiple - the latter allows you to add defaults for several G/L Accs at once)

To insert Dim value automatically you must provide this default value in Default Dimensions form mentioned above. There are many combinations how this can be set up - restricting to one exact value, setting Dim to be mandatory, but leaving choice to user and so on. NAV can even solve default conflicts, if different defaults are provided - for more explanation you can look up Help or Manual, full info about all possible settings is too lengthy to be posted here, and seemingly not all possible ones are of your interest.


I don’t have dev license - and I can make changes in Ledger Entry Dim form having BRL AM license. According to your answer, that means, that in my case Partner has modified this form NOT be readonly?

I have similar problem:

I used report 83 to set global dimension 2 (GD2). GD2 was set to ‘X’ , but that dim. was never used.

So, we decided to replace it with shortcut dim 7 - ‘Y’. I started report, enter Y in GD2 and pressed OK.

After one hour, report finished.

And what happens - GD1 and GD2 are empty in all tables!? Report erased both global dimension in tables (G/L Entry for example), only GD1 that were blocked are still there! Data in Ledger entry dimensions are still there. I will try to get back GD1 and GD2 from Ledger entry dim. SKIP this report!