changing dimension value

one of my dimension’s value is misspelled. the management wants to correct it.

can we directly go to G/L setup - dimension - dimension values and change the value.

what about already posted documents and documents in process.


I would go to a where you set dimensions up but your path is the same really. I am assuming it is the code not the description, and yes if you alter it it will change it wherever it is - history, current documents etc - so if you have a lot of history and open transactions this could take a while.


i was just looking for expert comment before i can proceed.

when i try to rename it, after checking the some tables its throwing message:

“the dimension values is used in posted entries.”

“you cannot rename it”

A bit strange - what version are you on?

I can alter the code and it flows through all the history without an issue on V4.0.

exe is 3.6, objects are 3.1 and using navision database


I cannot reproduce what you have as I do not have that setup here. I have searched the partnersource knowledge base and whilst there are countless errors with Dimensions in the early versions (was it in 3.10 and does it matter?) I cannot find any reference to this particular issue. I can only suggest you post it back to your NSC who could log it with Microsoft and presumably get pointed towards a hotfix (as they were in those days).

if i want to change the empty fields with ‘GENERAL’, what should i do?

That unfortunately is no possible. Basically its not possible to rename to or from blank.
To do this, you would need to write some custom code. It is not all that complex, but there is a lot of actuall code to write.

PS you only need to update the Dimensions tables, it does need a full developer license though.


n ot sure if you eventually resolved this, but what actual version is it? to find the version, in Navision, go to Help About, and there should be a version like US 3.10.A (3.6) or maybe W1 3.10(3.60.01) etc.

can you post the EXACT version.

W1 3.01.A (3.60)

So you have the international version 3.01, that was the first pucblicly released verison with Dimensions and is full of bugs. You will need to contact your NSC about this.