Purchasing 1 item from multiple vendors

Good day

Dynamics 4.0 - What do we need to change to enable us to purchase an item from multiple vendors. Currently our system is setup to restrict us from purchasing an item from only 1 vendor . We purchase item A from vendor A and if we get a better price from vendor B we have to create a different item number - item B.

This causes us to have way too many item numbers.

Assistance will be appreciated.


I think the behaviour you are seeing may be a customization. [There can also be a chance that vendor authorization is enabled]

are you receiving a message while you are trying to procurement an item from a different vendor? If so, what is that message. Probably that helps us to understand if there are any customizations.


Below is the error we receive:

This item cannot be purchased from this Vendor. This item belongs to a different Vendor.

I have removed the specific vendor from the item setup as well as removing the item from the vendor setup.

Hope this helps

Vendor authorization (approved vendor list) functionality comes with PI in AX 2012. But looking at the version AX 4.0 that you are working with and the error message that is being displayed, I think it is some customization in the application. Better debug the code and check this through.

Aretha - as suggested, it is a customization, this will be specific to your company so none of us here can help you I am afraid. You will need to locate the customization specification, any user manuals written by your company or contact your partner for support.

Hi, thanks so much for all the feedback, seems our company has quite a bit of customization and no manuals. Will have to contact our partner for assistance